Saturday, November 04, 2006

USC Fall Semester '06 on the Fly!

The Summer came and went so fast, ending my internship with iMedia Connection - - and starting afresh the Fall '06 semester with all the thrill of new classes and colorful challenges.

During this period I'm learning new tools in Operations Management, Business Economics, Advanced Strategies for Managing Corporate Communications, and Strategic Management.

What's interesting is that although this undergraduate business degree skims the surface in what's possible to discover in all these disciplines, I'm valuing the pattern I can see in how they fit together -- in how the tools complement each other in an "interdisciplinary" way. Here's the link to our programs:

I'm looking forward to joining a company or organization where I can research and explore indepth real-life issues, using and developing on these tools I've learned over four years, to seek solutions.

My blog's been on the backburner as time's been short to keep it up, even though it's been my intention to do so. Further blog posts may remain few through November until after the first week of December when my final exams are over. Thereafter, I intend to add content more frequently.

Officially, I graduate from USC on December 13, 2006.

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