Monday, October 15, 2007

What's the meaning of Green Internet Services?

Yesterday I was researching e-book sites and knowledge sharing when I found a number of interesting things.

The first is an Ebook Share site where members can vote for "Which file host is faster?" Here's yesterday's results:

Out of all members on the Ebook Share site, 582 members bothered to vote and the results indicate that MiHD is the fastest file hosting service. So does fast mean eco-friendly?


I Googled for the solution (as you do) and I found EcoMatrix - "We provide a Eco friendly web hosting solutions and our servers are run on alternative energy sources and supplied by "GREEN" enviornmently conscious companies."

What are the eco-friendly web hosting solutions?

The alternate energy sources the servers are run on and the companies that EcoMatrix do business with.

Then I discovered Athenaem: Ecological Hosting with a far more extensive Green Mission:

Our Mission

We aim to operate the business based on our own ethics and principles.

To be the provider of choice for green Internet services.

Our Ethics

We are a debt free company operating entirely in the black on our bank account.

We use recycled paper for most of our office printing needs and aim to increase the use of recycled materials as more quality products become available.

We recycle used office paper and card.

We continually appraise our suppliers and our own procedures to reduce the amount of paper we use (e.g. email invoices, online banking, reusing envelopes, using online government systems for VAT returns etc).

We do not like waste and will not swap things just for the sake of it.

We try and specify computer equipment to last as long as possible without breaking the bank and always try to reuse equipment in a different role if it becomes no longer sufficiently powerful for its original purpose.

We always try to be open, honest and fair in our operation & procedures and to treat our customers as people, not just a number in a database.

The owner is a strict vegetarian and chooses to use green energy to supply electricity for his own home and office use.

We have gained Vegetarian Society approval to promote added confidence in our services for our vegetarian clients.


Irrespective of company size or industy type, using GREEN INTERNET SERVICES may mean the same or different things to various people according to their commitment to environmental causes.

For some, it may be the kind of food they order over the internet from a store that is envirnomentally conscious, through the transport they use, to those that they select for online banking and contracts in business. For others, it may be of lesser meaning and importance.

Internet services are used in every industry with such dependence. If being more environmentally-conscious and caring truly matters to us, then what does it mean to be Internet Green?

Internet Green Strategy:

1. How many eco-friendly involvements/causes do the CEO, VP's and executives support?

2. What types of eco-programs are your company involved with or sponsoring?

3. What is the eco-friendly rating of each vendor/supplier your company does business with? And how many eco-friendly vendors/suppliers does your company do business with?

4. How are your employees rewarded for eco-friendly behavior? Or what incentives are offered to employees for involvement in eco-friendly programs or activities?

5. What incentives are shared between partners or affilliates for eco-friendly behavior? What collaborative/exchange benefits can be gained from eco-schemes?

6. What energy sources are your servers and "systems" run on? And, when (where and how) can energy be conserved?

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