Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Thank you to the following USC faculty and staff for your contributions:

Professor Sandra Chrystal -- Associate Professor of Clinical
Center for Management Communication -- Marshall School of Business

Jude Higdon -- Project Manager
Teaching & Learning Services -- Center for Scholoarly Technology

Professor Bert Steece -- Professor
Department of Information & Operations Management -- Marshall School of Business

Professor Ronald Bruck -- Professor
Director of Math Computing Labs -- Mathematics Department

Professor Rex Kovacevich -- Associate Professor of Clinical
Department of Marketing -- Marshall School of Business

Professor Steve Posner -- Part Time Lecturer
Center for Management Communication --Marshall School of Business

Thank you to the following corporate executives willing to answer my questions:

Mr. Mohammed Amin -- International Taxation Specialist, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Mr. Bob Sutor -- Vice President of Standards and Open Source, IBM

Mr. David Gee -- Vice President of Hewlett Packard's Worldwide Marketing, Software, Technology Solutions Group

Ms. Susan Underhill -- Vice President of Hewlett Packard's Global Certification and Partner Education

Mr. John Earnhardt -- Media Spokesperson, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Mr. Brad Berens -- Executive Editor, iMediaConnection, Inc.

Mr. Chris Charron -- Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research

Mr. Neville Hobson -- Communicator, Blogger and Podcaster
One of the leading European early adopters and influencers in social media communication for business.

Mr. John Cass -- Director of Blogging Strategies, Backbone Media

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