Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Independent Study on Corporate Blogs -- Academic Achievements

Personally, I learned so much from Professor Sandra Chrystal as my mentor and from this study of blog-use as a business writing tool. Here is some of what I gained:
  • improved writing skills for print and online work
  • broadened perspectives on technology and business trends
  • stronger critical thinking skills for analysis
  • enhanced quantitative abilities for statistical application
  • developed professional conduct and contacts

During the study, I produced the following work:

1. Research paper -- "Why is corporate blogging relevant to business students?"

Achievement: 1st prize in Professionalism -- USC Undergraduate Writing Competition 2006

Internship: Imedia Connection Inc.

2. Knowledge Management System -- Biz Blog Review

Achievement: Grand Prize -- USC Webfest 2006

3. Independent Study on Corporate Blogs --

Statistical analysis of 32 corporate blogs; two research papers based on primary research interviews with corporate bloggers and academics; guest speaker to advanced business writing class at USC Marshall School of Business with video footage; and http://bizblogreview.blogspot.com knowledge management system.

Achievement: Honors -- USC Undergraduate Symposium 2006


The USC Chronicle article, "Taking Another Leap in Technology", discussing this study is accessible at this link:


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