Friday, January 05, 2007

Source - Kaiser Scapegoat: California Laywer Magazine

When researching corporate blogs in January 2006, I found an article in the California Lawyer Magazine discussing the case of Elisa D. Cooper, former employee of Kaiser Permanente.

The article states that Kaiser was "fined $200,000 by a state agency for the blogger's online disclosures."

On December 2, 2006 -- Elisa tried to add the following comment to a post on my blog:


Hi, Fiona -

I wish I had found this when you first posted it. I was NOT fired for blogging. I didn't begin blogging until over a year after I lost my job at Kaiser.

This was the story Kaiser PR put out because they were trying to cover up for the fact they had posted patient information on the Internet for four or five years.

I found their web site through Google, just as you could have.The whole timeline is posted in the sidebar of my blog:

Please consider actually reading up on a person's story before making public pronouncements about them in the future.


I used the California Lawyer Magazine as a source. Elisa D. Cooper's side of the story is at:


matthew.ruff said...

As a local Redondo Beach DUI Lawyer I can say it is a breath of fresh air to see a well written article addressing the issue. Good Job!

Fiona Torrance said...

Thank you for your comment, Matthew.