Saturday, February 03, 2007

Corporate Blog Talk 2007

I've researched some articles and blog posts discussing the future of corporate blogs. Here are the links and I'll add to this post as I discover more topics of interest (please add your interests too if you read this post):

"The Outlook of Corporate Blogs" by Jim Nail, Cymfony's Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

"Corporate Blogging & Podcasting" - SocialMedia2007

Plexis 2007 -

"Corporate Blog Owners Report Success, But Differences in Resources Devoted to Blogs" - Cymfony and Porter Novelli Corporate Blog Survey

"TALKING FROM THE INSIDE OUT: The Rise of Employee Bloggers" by Edelman and Intelliseek - Fall 2005

"Corporate Podcasting Strategies for 2007" - Web Strategy by Jeremiah Blog

"Reports: Online Activities & Pursuits" - Pew Internet & American Life Project

"Internet Annual Report 2007 - Dictatorships Get to Grips with Web 2.0" - Reporters Without Borders

"Corporate Blogging Pays for GM" by Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek;jsessionid

"Calculating the ROI of Blogging is Easier than it Looks" by Stephen Turcotte, SCOUT of Backbone Media, Inc.

"The Impact of Organic Google Search on Social Media - My Favorite Posts" by Eric Kintz, HP's Marketing Excellence Blog

"Is a Blog-Tag Virtual Game Too Non-Corporate" by Eric Kintz, HP's Marketing Excellence Blog

"Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication Departments in US and UK" - Sally Falkow's Proactive Blog

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