Friday, February 24, 2006

Corporate Blog Mimics

Corporations and companies may be at risk of being a victim of the "Corporate Blog Mimic" if they do not have a blog. Blogging impacts corporations whether they have a blog or not.

This week I conclude my research of 32 specific corporate blogs with an analysis of this data to follow in the coming week. During the course of searching for corporate blogs and visiting many sites, I discovered a number of interesting blogs that at first glance appear to represent a specific corporation or company, such as the StarbucksGossip Blog at:

What a discovery until you read the content and the "About Me". At least the author states under the One-Line Bio
"Not affiliated with Starbucks Corporation (obviously)".

Does Starbucks have a blog? The answer is "no".

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Why doesn't Starbucks have a blog? I'll contact the company to find out and let you know the results.

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