Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sifry - Corporate Bloggers are Proliferating

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"Even though some of the largest technology companies are represented in this graph, to me this shows that we are still at the relative start of accepted use of blogging as a part of corporate policy - and that there is still a tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking companies and management to have a significant positive impact on their public perception by encouraging an enlightened blogging policy, encouraging openness both within and outside of the organization" (Sifry - Technorati).

Sifry particularly refers to forward-thinking companies and management - how their use of blogging as part of corporate policy and an enlightened blogging policy with encouragement of internal and external organizational openness - impact public perception with positive significance. Questions, in light of this statement, are as follows:
  • Which forward-thinking companies and management are blogging and why or why did they stop?
  • Is blogging part of their corporate policy?
  • What characterizes an enlightened blogging policy?
  • Does their blogging policy contain these enlightened characteristics?
  • Do these corporations encourage internal and external openness and how is this visible?
  • Which of these corporations are impacting public perception and how do we determine this impact?
  • Is the impact positively or negatively significant?

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