Friday, February 24, 2006

Deleted Posts Have A Life!

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Does have an ethical responsibility to inform their registered users about the "infinite?" existence of their deleted posts?

Approximately two weeks ago, I encountered some problems with my blog - my profile and my blogroll disappeared into the ether, so I went in search of them. What I discovered in the course of this search was all of my deleted posts - alive and well in the search engine for anyone to peruse (Example: BUAD 490 Independent Study Proposal).

When initially registering with and setting up my site, I encountered no guidance instructing me that all deleted posts would remain on the site for future access. Although the entries that I deleted are professional in their presence, it did concern me that as a registered inhabitant of I was not informed of their continued "life after death" so to speak.

Other bloggers, having deleted a post perhaps considered inappropriate after the thought, may not know that their inappropriate content is still accessible by anybody searching the site. I think has a responsibility to make this fact more transparent to their registered users. What do you think and why?

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noyt said...

I believed that i was alone in this situation. I search and explain this problem on all blogger support forums. Maybe switch to beta version will resolve the situation? I hope, because except it, Blogger is a good weblog platform.
Please contact me if you find a solution...