Sunday, March 19, 2006

Steve Rubel says "Read the Freakin' Blogosphere"!

What does Steve mean?

It means that "the change or die mantra is the anthem of the Internet age, like it or not"

So the Blogosphere is ranting change -- what change?

Social computing as discussed in the forward-thinking Forrester Report, according to Steve, is revolutionizing old media into new channels, technology, and metrics.

Corporate blogging is one of those new media channels.

You can read more about Social Computing on the iMediaConnection site at this link:

Why is corporate blogging necessary?

Corporations will need to prepare and engage in social computing as an asset, if not -- they will lose the competitive edge in promoting/selling/marketing their products and services. Corporate blogging is a means of maintaining and driving that edge.

Take Steve's advice: "Today the “manual” is living. It's the blogosphere. Read it and stay curious. Don't be complacent. "

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