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Why is corporate blogging relevant to business students?

Corporate blogs offer a world of advice on careers, on corporate culture and on corporate roles, but more importantly – on why blogs are relevant to students and on how to blog as a means of corporate communication.

Corporate blogging is relevant to business students because students’ personal blogs affect their professional lives; because corporate blogs provide a platform to observe, understand, and learn about corporate networking; and because corporate blogs are a current evolving business communications tool that students can use to learn how to write and communicate effectively in business.

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Conclusion: Corporate blogging is relevant to students

All these factors indicate that blogging is relevant to students to protect them from inappropriate blogging that may be used “against” rather than “for” them in the future, to improve their critical thinking and writing skills, and to help them learn to network with executives through blogs on an appropriate level, and to guide them in recognizing quality with opportunities that brighten their careers.

As students learn from reading and using styles of professional business writing on blogs, their business interactions will improve and be successful. Keeping up with changes in technology is also vital to student success as blogs evolve.

In learning corporate blog processes and observing the corporate blog evolution, business students will be able to contribute to corporate blog growth with qualified interpretation and recommendation. And business professionals will provide feedback to further improvement of business communication tools, such as the blog.

Corporate Blog Awareness – Relevant to Students

In light of the research about corporate blogs and the findings from studies, students also need to be aware of the following emerging issues in corporate blog-use and their participating role in these issues:

1. No set business communication standards exist for corporate blog-use, and as new corporate blogs are on the rise, this is a time where students can interact and give input on blogs focusing on establishing such standards.

2. Because the actual amount of corporate blogs in existence is unknown, a central registry of all existing and new corporate blogs is yet to be established. Students can play a role in encouraging corporations and companies to create such a registry for purposes such as networking, researching, and credibility.

3. Universities and colleges should provide educational courses about blogs as a business and non-business communications tool to make students aware of and to prepare students for changes in technology and its consequent impact on business communication.

4. Such considerations will help individuals and companies identify corporate blogs and also provide criteria against which to evaluate these blogs. An area of growth to watch is blog recruitment companies that will drive the creation of corporate blogs as professional business writers are on hand to serve corporate needs via blogs.

College students and professors should embrace blogs for learning because as technology evolves, so does learning inside and outside of the classroom for both professors and students alike. Here – on the blog – we (students, academia, and company professionals) learn what it means to blog from each other.

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