Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Window into My Marshall

Being a student at the Marshall School of Business at USC is a thrill! And it’s a thrill for a number of reasons: the Profs are treasures; the Courses are puzzles; and the Opportunities are oceans.

The Profs are treasures

Here’s a little about my current professors because each of them contribute to the expansion of my thoughts and how I apply my thoughts to this Independent Study on Corporate Blogs -

Professor Sandra Chrystal (Center for Management Communication):

  • Is as passionate in teaching as the chocolate she loves
  • Takes the mind beyond the most zealous yoga pose
  • Offers opportunities where only dreams are thought to reside
  • Empowers students through community realizations
  • Steps on fear to for technology's sake
  • Helps students find their own unique voice
  • Guides student success beyond expectation
  • Connects students to their personal purpose
  • Provides local, national, and global encounters through projects, cases, competitions, publications, and presentations
  • Infuses students with the ethics she lives and breathes

Professor Reginald Hubbard (Center for Management Communication):

  • Impacts the mind powerfully in silence, in word, and in deed
  • Guides the end to any identification crisis
  • Awakens the mind to global thought
  • Is humane, compassionate, empathetic, culturally in-tune and on time
  • Expresses a rainbow intellect
  • Leads students beyond the textbook stepping stone - across the river - ready to explore and discover what lies on its banks

Professor Rex Kovacevich (Marketing Department):

  • Remember Dr. Snuggles’ Time Machine – all those devices? (Each lecture is an invention that houses the most intriguingly intelligent and funny moments)
  • Transforms students' minds with wonder and sensation – just fab!
  • Nurtures honest, hearty, and happy humans
  • Never lets sleeping minds lie (wear sun glasses & don’t snore) nor lets critical thinking die

Professor Bert Steece (Advanced Statistics):

  • Sensitive to student’s individual levels and needs
  • Attentive, patient, and positively productive
  • Repairs rusty regression and fills in the blanks
  • Tolerates outlier questions and aptly answers them
  • Is always available for office hours and loves candy (tootsie rolls)
  • Teaches the meaning of learning and gives statistics a life
  • Passionate about improving condition through inference (its catchy)
  • Loves art! Always draws the picture.

Treasured Profs for all times

Professor Yolanda Kirk (Center for Management Communication):

  • Is a strikingly sharp individual – intuitive and wise
  • Fosters diversity in all its dimensions from cacti to the sea
  • Instills the importance of strategy yet ever mindful of simplicity
  • Puts opportunity in reach and gives the hand over the hurdle
  • Teaches students how to write, write, write – right!
  • Ignites the mind to explore beyond the word
  • Strives for the best but remembers the rest
  • Foregoes public credit for inner delight
  • Gives all to her Marshall, mighty not small

Professor Steve Posner (Center for Management Communication):

  • Directs and inspires experience through multi-colored and multi-purpose dimensions
  • Transmits telepathic exuberance that inspires the mind to explore infinity
  • Coaches and supports every student need
  • Takes truth out of its sugar coated wrapping and tells it as it is - whatever the truth may be
  • Flies to see students every week because he wants to not because he has to
  • Bares and shares a contagious spirit to learn
  • Validates students' ideas
  • Is genuine and kind

More of the Marshall Window to follow ...

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