Saturday, March 18, 2006

Writing Advice from Brad Berens -- Executive Editor of iMediaConnection, Inc.

About two weeks ago, I started an online editorial internship with iMediaConnection, Inc. What a wonderful learning experience! I recommend an internship with this company.

iMedia was acquired on 26 September 2005 by ad:tech expositions -- a division of DMG World Media -- and "the leading event organizer for global interactive marketing conferences and expositions" [].

Brad Berens -- Executive Editor of iMediaConnection, Inc. -- gave me advice for online writing (some of which he also spoke about at USC's Undergraduate Writing Competition on 1 March 2006). Two main points include:
  • make the piece friendly
  • address specific questions

According to Brad, "The online reader is in a HURRY and needs the writer to do a lot of the heavy cognitive lifting" (Email: "Edits requested" -- 17 March 2006).

Heavy prose threatens to lose the reader and puts unnecessary burden on the impatient online reader.

With Brad's writing guidance and with the supervision of Roger Park -- News Editor of iMediaConnection -- I have worked on three news articles to date that can be read at the following links:

Visiongain Mobile Advertising Report []

FX, MSN "Black.White." Partnership []

eMarketer: France Leads in Connectivity []

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Anandita Khanijaon said...

I think it is great that companies are beggining to take blogging more seriously. It is a very effective way of getting honest feedback (rather than focus groups or surveys). This type of constructive criticism is good for the company. I also find it very interesting that there are actually companies such as Intelliseek that analyses blogs for businesses. Ofcourse it would be too time consuming for a business to look through some 27 million blogs to find out more about their repuation and client feedback.
Anandita Khanijaon