Monday, April 03, 2006

Blog for Traffic or to Communicate?

In the WSJ article, "The Inside View", William Bulkeley states that, "According to search-engine experts, that jump is partly because search engines like Google look for constantly changing content like blogs and rate it higher in search results than Web pages that aren't updated regularly."

This statement highlights two differences between blogs and websites:
1. Blog content is updated more frequently than Web pages
2. As a result, blogs are rated higher than Web pages on search engines

Depending on the blog objective, traffic generation (the amount of visitors to a blog) may or may not be that important. Some blogs are used for personal expression, such as my TourEsprit blog. If the purpose of a business blog is to promote products and services to increase sales, then traffic is important. The same is true for communication if the blog's purpose is to generate feedback from customers to improve products and services. Either way, traffic plays a role.

Microsoft's Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism -- Jeff Sandquist -- says, "I don't blog for traffic. I blog to communicate" (qtd in Bulkeley, WSJ 4/3/2006). Even Evangelists need an audience, but purely blogging for traffic to increase ratings on search engines may reduce the quality of the communication and dialogue on blogs.

Blogrolls, permalinks, and feeds -- who bloggers link to -- are also a means of generating traffic to a blog. About a week ago, I discovered an interesting dialogue published on Steve Rubel's Blog, Micropersuasion, after Steve (Senior VP with Edelman & Marketing Strategist) had removed a colleague's blog link from his blogroll:

(Click on picture to enlarge)

The blog, in general, is not without its politics, even on the best of blogs. Steve Rubel's blog contains vast amounts of useful and interesting entries for students (faculty and others) to understand the use of technology in media and what makes a corporate blog successful.
To learn more, visit this link:

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