Monday, April 03, 2006

Dr. Sandra Chrystal on "Exploring Ethics in Business"

Marshall School Students Explore Ethics in Business

"Most students believe they've learned what's right or wrong, but few have examined typical on-the-job dilemmas and formed any strategies for solving them.

In fact, when our Advanced Writing for Business class conducts anonymous surveys, many students are surprised to learn that classmates disagree on values and decisions.

Discussing a variety of decision-making strategies, providing positive individual and corporate examples, and formulating strategies to communicate ethical decisions encourages improved critical thinking and socially responsible actions.

The Advanced Writing for Business classes at USC's Marshall School of Business already includes an assignment for students to write at least one article exploring ethics in business.

To extend the writing classes' ethics study, a subcommittee of the faculty is compiling a six hour module for any professors who want to add it to their current syllabus."

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