Sunday, April 02, 2006

Will HP Contribute to Student Knowledge?

To further our knowledge about corporate blogs, I posted a number of questions on Hewlett Packard's Executive Blogs. Here are three examples:

1. To the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Software, Technology Solutions Group

Mr. Gee,

As an executive blogger, how do you feel about customers using your blog to vent complaints about HP products?

Also, how do you see the role of mobile operators evolving in the social computing environment? What are the changing needs of mobile operators and how is HP positioning itself to meet those needs?

Fiona Torrance
USC Undergrad Student

2. To the Vice President of HP Global Certification & Partner Education

Ms. Underhill

How do you see corporate blogs, such as these HP Executive Blogs, contributing to knowledge transfer internally within HP and externally with business, consumers, and the general public?

Fiona Torrance
USC Undergrad Student

3. To the Director, Venture Management

Mr. Wu,

How effective do you think the corporate blog is/will be as a recruitment tool for business?

Fiona Torrance
USC Undergrad Student

4. To the Vice President of Marketing, Storage Division

Mr. Cambell,

Do the intiatives to privatize the Internet and make consumers "pay-per-click" impact remote office consolidation/storage networking solutions? And, if so, how does this impact HP objectives in this area? Also, if you have time: What are your views on Corporate Blogging for internal and external business use?

Thank you,
Fiona Torrance
USC Undergrad Student

Posted by FionaTorrance on 4/3/2006 12:07 AM

With interest, we await their responses.

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