Saturday, April 01, 2006

Students discover value of corporate blogs

Here is a comment posted by one of the students in Dr. Sandra Chrystal's Advanced Business Writing classes in response to the post, "Non-Traditional Business Communications -- The Blog":

"I had learned from Professor Chrystal what a blog really was and also learned that businesses were starting to use them because e-mails were beginning to fill up with spam mails; but to tell you the truth, before reading the article I was not really aware that people were using blogs to comment on different companies. I now see that a blog ste is very crucial to a companies reputation. Although a lot of people still are not aware of these sites, they are beginning to become more and more popular and are impacting the oppinions of the business and its consumers. I believe that blogging provides a quick and easy way towards solutions and can also benefit the companies in the long run" (Writ340 student).

Students are learning the following:
  • What a corporate/business blog is
  • To be aware of corporate blogs
  • Why businesses use blogs
  • The impact of blogs on company reputations
  • The growing popularity of corporate blogs
  • How blogs impact business and consumer opinions of companies
  • That blogs provide a platform to discuss solutions and build strategies

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