Wednesday, April 05, 2006

David Gee - Hewlett Packard's VP for Worldwide Marketing Software -- On Complaints & Mobile Operators

I asked Mr. Gee in a previous post and comment on his blog about how HP views consumers who use their executive blogs to vent about HP products/services, and also about their direction with mobile operators. Here is his response:

Fiona raises a good question – the role of this and other HP blogs to vent about our products.

We’ve had some experience with this already:

Our blogs are open for comments and as such are fair game as long as they are not offensive, use inappropriate language and are not defamatory. This is a two way medium after all. We do however have a place to go to air these complaints:

I blog on software, so if you have comments and feedback on OpenView in particular, this is a great place to post.

The question about mobile operators is an interesting one. Having spent the past four months in Asia in a region with the fastest growing mobile community in the world, the mobile operators are leaving the wired world behind them and bringing with them a whole generation of users for whom the idea of having a phone number where you call a place and not a person is totally alien. China added the population of Hong Kong last month in new mobile users – the numbers are staggering.

On the Hong Kong underground system, I get 5 bars of GSM/GPRS/EGDE and 3G coverage while on the trains and two or three stories under the surface – better coverage in fact than I get from my mobile provider in the Bay Area.

HP as a company helps mobile operators deliver new services, reduce churn and maximize the revenue potential of their network investment – we offer software in the form of the OpenCall platform for example that enables pre paid services, push to talk and MMS capabilities.

Our technology is embedded in many of the large network equipment providers as well as hardware and services for many of the world’s largest operators, you can read mere about it here:

and here:

Posted by D Gee on 4/5/2006 12:32 PM

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Rishe said...

Hi there Fiona!

HP indeed has taken up blogging and ppl like DG would surely make a difference in the Corporate Blogosphere.
Where I am coming from is another area where blogging perhaps can make a difference. HP, besides having presence through Hardware, Imaging and so on also has 2 big outsourcing hubs in say India. Can Blogs be a great way to communicate with internal publics and also with teh blogging community at large. Would love some feedback on this. Cheers!