Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cisco on "The Next Wave of Business Internet" - they're surfing Second Life!

Here's the link - have a read:

The Next Wave of the Business Internet: The Human Network@Work

Post by Alan S. Cohen, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions


The 4 Guiding Principles to the Human Network@Work according to Cohen:

1. The next wave of the business Internet is real-time, contextual, borderless and user-centric.

2. By its nature, it is about secure rich collaboration and unified communications, not just IP Telephony or email or IM, but also web conferencing (e.g., WebEx), mobility, and video collaboration (TelePresence).

3. It is open, not dictated by one vendor’s applications but a rich and diverse suite of capabilities from a very, very wide range of players from ERP to industry-specific.

4. It can be delivered and consumed in a variety of manners: implemented at your business by your own IT staff or a great experienced technology partner (e.g., Cisco UC), managed by a VAR (Cisco Smart Business Communications System) or delivered by a service provider (WebEx)

What does this mean for those less-tech-savvy-biz surfers?

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Fiona Torrance said...

I've visited Alan Cohen's blog and posted this comment:

Alan - this is a great post! I've been raising questions about the future of social media on my blog.

I was searching Cisco blogs to see who I could contact to ask these questions: "Cisco was involved in the Metanomics Conference in Second Life - how do you see the use of such 'platforms' evolving for business purposes? And do you think it will be viral or remain niche among certain corporate / business / industry players?"

Your article answers my questions to a degree, would you elaborate further, specific to the Second Life example?