Saturday, September 29, 2007

Google Docs Beta competes with docstoc.com_Fragmentation or Spice of Life?

Talk about duplication and fragmentation on the web or talk about spice of life...depends on who's doing the talking! Google's just launched Google Doc Beta. How does that compete with docstoc's 9,457 and counting docs? This is getting interesting...
And -- today -- it looks as if docstoc have just opened up their Beta some more!

What's different about Google's Doc Beta? We'll have to take a look and see...

The major difference is what you see and feel when you login to each site and also what each site has to offer the user in terms of community sharing.

Here's what you see when you login to Google Doc Beta:

In contrast, this is what you see before and when you login to docstoc Beta:

Can you see and feel the difference?

Where docstoc offer users the ability to add comments, Google are offering the user to discuss documents real time:Both sites may succeed equally well, from two different cultural standpoints -- Google's interface and approach to the user appear from a "individualistic standpoint" (or just a different view of collectivity?). You have your "account" almost like an Email Outlook account and share from there where you can access all things Google including your gmail. docstoc appear to approach the user from a more "collective standpoint". Each user's account looks like a rolodex or business card feature with button to LinkedIn too.

These networks have different mindsets to engaging users in sharing documents and tools, and engaging other networks. The question is: Will users want everything under one Google roof?

What is "duplication or fragmentation" from a third party business offering perspective may be the "spice of life" from a user perspective.

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