Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eric Kintz on Mobile Web - How important is Mobile for Social Marketing?

Eric is really exploring mobile technology and features such an informative article on his Digital Mindset Blog.

He raises the question:
So how important is mobile for social marketing? In short, very.

* John Hadl, whom Brandweek called "the father of mobile marketing" and a top 10 Next Generation Marketer, predicts that in a couple of years mobile phones will be the "premier consumer connection and medium for insights available for marketers."
* Julie Ask of Jupiter Research makes the case that mobile has already become a natural and increasingly important complement to social marketing campaigns. She provides a list of seven best practices for marketers to keep in mind when creating mobile social marketing campaigns.
* In his keynote at Mplanet 2006, AT&T's COO Randall Stephenson, said that of the three vehicles AT&T has to reach customers in their new Three Screen Initiative (internet/PC, TV, wireless/mobile phone), wireless is the most important.
* Wireless Week's Brad Smith suggests mobile advertising may be poised to explode next year.
* Tomi Ahonen calculated that in 2006 mobile social networking was already worth $3.45 billion. In Ahonen's view, "if you are not on mobile, you won't be relevant soon."
* Mmetric recently reported that 12.3 million consumers in the United States and Western Europe accessed a social networking site with their mobile device in June. And this was prior to the launch of the iPhone.


After reading the post, I signed up with Winksite - Mobile Web but experienced some technical difficulties with the URL. Winksite have a customer support on their site where I've queried the error that occurred, so...let's wait and see.


David Harper said...

Hi Fiona.

Earlier today we sent responses to your questions to the email address you provided when creaing a Winksite account.

David Harper
Founder, Winksite

Stephen Miller said...


I took the liberty of mobilizing your blog with Feed2Mobile (anyone can do it - you just provide the feed url). Here's the link to the mobilized blog:

If you navigate there on your mobile phone, you'll get the mobilized version of the blog.

Feed2Mobile provides a QR code, which you can see if you navigate here using a PC Web Browser, and you can also see an emulation of the mobilized blog.

-Stephen Miller

Fiona Torrance said...

Thank you, Stephen, I'll take a look at your site too :-).