Thursday, September 20, 2007

Docstoc Beta YouTube for Professional Documents?

A friend just emailed me this link: Docstoc Beta

Blog: Coming Soon March 8th, 2007 is a free online document exchange database and social networking site that allows users to store, search, and share virtually any type of document (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, illustrator, etc…). Similar in concept to (for photos) and (for videos) will be the online community for sharing all types of documents. The users will post, categorize, and rate thousands of documents that can be reused by other users for a variety of purposes.

Its three primary applications will be: 1) Business/Legal - to share business, legal, and financial templates that attorneys, business professionals, and the public can retool for their own purposes, 2) Educational – to provide an online form to share term papers, outlines, and a variety of educational materials for students and teachers, and 3) Self Expression – to provide an online community to share scripts, creative writing, and e-books.

Here's the Overview:

Currently in private beta, Docstoc is trying to become the YouTube for documents - geared toward professions.

Jason Lawrence Nazar (Docstoc's CEO) told us the idea for docstoc originated while working on his other venture - Venature provides consulting and capital to startups. Jason would often spend 2 hours/day looking online for documents the startups needed such as forms, NDAs, etc. He wondered why there wasn't something like YouTube for documents.

In September of 2006, he decided to make it himself and Docstoc was born. So far the site has been self funded, with development happening overseas in India. However, it has been rumored that they are close to closing a "substantial" round of funding from a number of potential investors.

Scribd is another site aiming to become the "YouTube for documents." However, it is not geared towards professionals like Docstoc."

Source: Docstoc Beta

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