Sunday, September 16, 2007

BlogCasts vs Podcasts

Shockpod have had this post up on Google for ages with my email address causing my gmail account to be spammed.

Here's the idea:
BlogCasts vs. Podcasts...?
BlogCasts vs. Podcasts...?
BlogCasts are something to consider. One of my thoughts are being able to have blog posts with audio or voice-over which can be heard while typed and/or read on screen...that may be coming soon in the future (nothing is impossible). And it may help and be fun for people with and without challenges who use these technologies/media.

Imagine having blog posts read to you while you're busy doing something? Imagine a cooking blog with recipes and pictures. Yes - you could use your iPod - and there is YouTube videos and such inserted in blogs with sound. But, you could have your Apple iBook, IBM / Lenovo Thinkpad, or HP Notebook plugged in with the voice over of Dolly Parton telling you how to cook that Turkey from your favorite blog posts! What if you could choose the voice-over just to put you in specific mood too? Wouldn't that be neat?!

On Dec 31, 2006, I wrote a short entry titled "BlogCasts" on this blog -, related to having podcast interviews with executives available on my site as "BlogCasts". However, I changed my mind about doing this for that period. I thought "BlogCasts" could in the future develop into something far greater, even if I'm not the developer or the producer.

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