Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kaywa's Feed2Mobile Beta - give it a try!

Eric Kintz of HP mentioned two mobile web mashups in his post unleashing HP Uncut:

"Two such services worth looking at are Kaywa's Feed2Mobile service (in beta) and Winksite. What makes these services interesting is they are examples of mobile web 2.0 mashups, where web content is automatically repurposed for mobile consumption. Such tools make it almost trivial to mobilize one's blog. And they provide nifty mobile hyperlinks to make the mobilized blog easily accessible from camera phones with the right scanner software. I first learned about Feed2Mobile from this interesting video by Elektrischer Reporter."

Here's a response from (correction HP's) Stephen Miller:


I took the liberty of mobilizing your blog with Feed2Mobile (anyone can do it - you just provide the feed url). Here's the link to the mobilized blog:

If you navigate there on your mobile phone, you'll get the mobilized version of the blog.

Feed2Mobile provides a QR code, which you can see if you navigate here using a PC Web Browser, and you can also see an emulation of the mobilized blog.

-Stephen Miller


Eric Kintz said...


Stephen is actually from my team at HP :)

Fiona Torrance said...

Eric, thank you for pointing this out :)! I automatically thought Kaywa.