Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What would you do if a recruiter or potential employer invited you to interview in Second Life?

On Oct 4, a USC Business Communication class at the Marshall School will discuss various perspectives in answering this question: What would you do if a recruiter or potential employer invited you to interview in Second Life?

I've been invited to engage the class in a discussion on videoconferencing, videoblogging and online CV's to create awareness of messages and media.

As prior assignment, the students are using these examples and discussion questions for reference:

1. HP Eric Kintz Digital Mindset Blog
“Videoblogging from NYC”

“Mobile Social Marketing” – How important is Mobile for Social Marketing?
Winksite and Feed2Mobile

2. TechCrunch: If A Conference Is Held In Second Life, Will Anyone Listen?
BizBlogReview: Is the future of global commerce in virtual worlds?

3. The Official Cisco Blog “The Platform” – Alan S. Cohen, VP Enterprise Solutions
“The Next Wave of the Business Internet: The Human Network@Work”

4. Online CV’s
Colin Rhinesmith
Nova Commercial - MySpace

5. Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
2. How can you use the videoconference setup to engage (create rapport) the interviewer more?
3. What unexpected events can happen during a videoconference and how would you deal with them (example: split screens with more than one interviewer)?

1. Referring to Eric Kintz’s “Videoblogging from NYC” (1), what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an “interview format” in a videoblog as CV?
2. Referring to Colin Rhinesmith’s online CV with video (4) – do you think this CV works? Why or why not? Do you think this form of CV is the future? What’s your reasoning?
3. If the Nova Commercial serves as a CV, what impressions can it make?

Mobile Social Marketing, the Next Wave, CV’s, and the interview future:
1. After reading “Mobile Social Marketing” (1), TechCrunch and BizBlogReview (2), Cisco Blog (3), and diamondgeezer (5) – What are your thoughts?
2. How do you see your CV’s and interview techniques evolving?
3. What would you do if a recruiter or potential employer invited you to interview in Second Life?


Eric Kintz said...


Thanks for using my posts for the class. I see a huge potential for video as a marketing and personal branding tool. I must admit that I had not thought of its use in interviews and would be interested in your thoughts or the class' feedback


Fiona Torrance said...


When watching your "Videoblogging from NYC", I thought of how much more effective the communication is via video in interview format. Your videoblog is great! Individuals are starting to use videos as CV's on websites (so why not blogs?). It will be interesting to get student feedback on Oct 4 and I'll be posting more on the topic then.

Best, Fiona

Fiona Torrance said...

And, yes - video has huge potential as a marketing and personal branding too. Today I visited ad:tech London and listened to John Baker, Managing Parter of Ogilvy One, discuss 360 Degree Branding (http://www.ogilvy.co.uk/360/default.asp) showing the Unilever case study as an example - fascinating!