Thursday, September 20, 2007

David Harper says Winksite is Standards - Compliant - What does this mean?

Hi again Fiona.

Re: "What does it mean for Winksite to be "standards-compliant mobile Website builder"?"

Winksite is the first standards-compliant mobile Website builder that also includes RSS-driven content deployment and mobile-tuned community features such as forum, chat, and polls. This approach delivers fresh content, fast-loading pages, and universally accessible easy-to-use community features to your audience.

This refers in part to the fact that every mobile site published at Winksite is fully (100%) compliant with W3C and .Mobi Mobile Web Standards.

In addition, without having to lift a finger or squint at code your Winksite is guaranteed to score 5/5 on dotMobi’s MobiReady Report (we are .Mobi certified).

What does this mean beyond bragging rights?

Broad support across every browser on the planet to start. (and soon much more in terms of SEO.)

…and for those visitors still using WAP, no worries we serve that up just as neatly as ever.

The following links are available at the desktop version of your mobile address but I have included them here for easier access:
More can be found here:
David Harper
Founder, Winksite

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